Dec 25, 2010

Helvis (or "How to grow big your penis")

Fuck christmass, who cares anyway about a fucking insane prick who wants us to turn our other chick when the fuckers hit us. No way, man. This is the perfect soubdtrack about bringing the "war" home. Here you'll get the unbelievable Genocider 7'' that has this great sloppy crust feeling, a truelly negative anthem that i've buyed in 2000 and i was been stunned and the also heavy and metallic having it's roots more on sludge/hardcore roots and motorhead "reverance the sacrifice" cd from 2002.

hair like shit
A brief introduction : Helvis was a band from uk featuring Bloody Kev on vocals who runs the great Keep it in the family blogspot. The band features also members from other infamous bands like the Varukers and Iron Monkey, Hard to swallow etc and is the most under-rated band from the ones the members participated, (i'm so fucking bored / maybe this is the last fifteencounts post).

So, go ahead and check them.

reverence cd

genocider 7''

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Billy said...

you don't like x-mas? you don't like Jesus? oh c'on! he was a cool dude!!!
lol lol lol lol lol

de me exei piasei katholou to xristougenniatiko pnevma alla etsi genika k gia to kalo xronia polla re sy