Jan 29, 2010

Glasses - Self titled 12''

Recently, i discovered (fucking columbus i am) glasses from germany... After the disband of some terrific bands such as perth express and trainwreck glasses took form...
Strong and heavy still punk(y) with beautiful, angry female vocals...
Some entombed's rocking parts (listen carefully first track) to create their own unique sound and transform it into heavy and solid hardcore punk. Sometimes crusty, sometimes noisy but emotional and energetic at the same time... A band that "takes" you along with the first listening and makes you wanna cut your head from the endless headbanging (i'm still talking bullshit) and scream at four walls.
Not so metallic as the previous bands that members of glasses used to play..
No fucking rip-off
No fucking trend


Hour of the wolverine :
I'll admit two things straight from the beginning...firstly a am not that much into metallic hardcore, with the exception of few bands, and secondly a am not that familiar with Glasses, nor their previous bands.

What we have here is a quite venomous attack of dark metallic hardcore, thats indeed leans more towards the crust side of things than the whole modern ''metal hardcore'' trend....then again...this is not crust...crust is raw and ugly (like Disrupt and Framtid). Anyway, there are equal nice atmospheric/melodic guitar lines (i don't mean melodic in the pop-punk way), and rocking riffs, toped with pissed as FUCK female vocals, to the point that i feel like a need a cup of warm tea to soften my throat just by listening to their singer scream her lungs out!! Drums are solid, but the bass isn't high enough (from my point of view..another problem when you fuck with the natural frequencies of the guitar trying to make it sound super heavy, thus taking space from the frequencies of the bass...which is supposed to be..the bassier thing in a band! This leads to a more high -frequency wise- bass and to the triggering of the drums, completely destroying their natural sound. Sorry for the rant, but it's always disturbing to hear these new school productions!!)

This will appeal to fans of Catharsis, and all those bands of the genre, who will probably label this nice band as their new on the favourites list, but then again i listen to Negative Approach and Deathside, so i don't think i'll be listening to this anymore!!

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