Aug 23, 2013

Criminal Damage - Call of death

You got back from your vacations. You've been there for a week at most. You feel nostalgia and anger when you look at the concrete in the front of your door. You wish to had the guts to talk to talk to that girl on the beach. Monday morning your boss will have the look "you-got-vacations-now-back-to-work" and you'll wanna smack him. Ok, spin the new Criminal Damage record and try a walk, man. Winter is not coming yet. Criminal Damage is the "the most anticipating album" band and their third lp is out already after such a long time. I still prefer their first album but you know what you'll get. Amazing english punk ala BLITZ with dual vocals and steady rhythms, poppy and happy tunes with dark and tough lyrics. Songs like "the storm" or "anxiety" are instant hits and i think you'll have the album spinning again again. Well done mr. Burdette and the rest of the Criminal Damagers.


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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this! gonna buy the LP but this will tide me over!!!